Chair’s Greetings

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

We, the department of Architecture and Building Science, are known as one of the notable department with more than 3,000 graduates since 1964, from when our department had inaugurated.

According to the recent international demand, we’ve been running 5-year-course Bachelor of Architecture program since 2003, and we achieved ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) in 2009 for Bachelor of Science in Engineering program. Especially, as, in 2009, two campuses of Chung-Ang University, Huek-seok Campus (1st campus in Seoul) and An-Seong Campus (2nd Campus in Kyeonggi-do), are integrated in one Huek-seok Campus which brought enormous development and coherence of the body of architectural department.

We think that it’s a result of our educational method in pursuit of best education fit in these days with competent professors and research facilities. Since the beginning of new century, by research activities such as BK21 and several architecture related competitions, we cultivated students’ abilities to combine creativity and practicality, and honored our University with several awards. Moreover, for the last decade, we produced 6 students who passed government qualification exam, one of the hardest exam and recruit only a few people a year. By signing MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with several internationally well-known universities like the University of Michigan(Ann Arbor), USA, we send several students every year to everywhere on earth with scholarships. For the last, we provide more than 10 million won (Korean Currency) to students with excellent ratings through Chung-Ang Architectural Exhibition.

With excellent performance we’ve been producing, our department was chosen to be a leading department in Chung-Ang University, result in diverse and differentiated programs compared to other majors. With those facts we’ve been considered to be one of the highest rated department in evaluation made by KCUE (Korean Council for University Education), and several major presses.

Hence, we expect all the members of this department to participate in our ultimate goal, to achieve differentiation to other educational associations to strengthen up our competitiveness, to advance.

With us, the School of Architecture and Building Science, we hope you could share your future and good memories.


2017. 3
Chair of the School of Architecture & Building Science, Chung-Ang University / Ph.D & Professor Lee, Se-Young