Architectural Engineering Introduction

About Chung-ang School of Architectural Engineering

Our School’s majors can be classified as Execution of building works, Engineering procurement construction management, Architectural structure, Building equipment, and Energy. These well classified majors enable students to have systematic education and to have various theoretical and practical educations which will help these students to become active and creative architect and an engineer. It is also our school’s educational purpose.

Architectural Engineering’s professors are, internally, educationally ahead of others and they are passionate. They are also active in Experiment and related activities (Internal and International academic presentation and Seminar as an example). Also, they are actively participating in the Community services. In addition, for graduate student, the school is trying the best to let the students have a better environment to study, to practice, and to take experiments. Various laboratories and equipment is provided so that students can have an effective and pleasant education.

Therefore, students who graduate our school are getting jobs at various companies such as architectural firm, structural engineering firm, a construction company, CM Company, government office, and laboratories that are related to architecture as working group or researcher. Currents school’s professors and students are working on diverse projects that contribute to advanced architectural culture and development of technique.

Educational Objectives

  • To educate students who are talented in architectural engineering and education
  • To meet the demand of information age and to educate students who are talented and who can contribute to architectural engineering in the future
  • To educate high-quality human resources who can contribute to local community and development of the Country

Particular Majors

  • Execution of building work and Engineering procurement construction management
  • Building Construction
  • Building Equipment and Energy