Architecture Introduction

Goal of Education

  • Education through basic cultural courses to fulfill the lesson ‘Justice and Truth’
  • Professional education classified as architectural design, structure, construction and environment considering architecture’s artistic social and engineering features
  • Free-education for students to grow abilities to question, analyze, synthesize and solve by themselves
  • Globalized education to train talented students by giving them chances to experience construction sites and foreign education
  • Training students who lead in research and development on high value products in the field of architecture

Educational Direction

The department of architecture of Chung Ang University supports its educational direction and vision. And by the best education about sustainable artificial environment including architecture and urban environment, efforts on creativity and studies, and acquisition of professional knowledge to develop abilities as architects not only to serve society but to be an architecture educational facility training globally talented students.

Hence, the major ‘Architectural design’ pursues architecture professionals’ balanced education based on combination of diverse professional knowledge about architecture, city and environment, and artistic sense.
Especially, we provide diverse curriculums to students to let them carry out practical business senses on architecture in general, and seek for various approach about contemporary architecture and city’s paradigm ‘Sustainable artificial environment’.

It’s an ultimate goal to produce professionals, by letting architectural knowledge be astrictive in building, ity, and environmental architectural design, who may have professional knowledge with practical abilities, social value of sustainable architecture and ecological problems, and who can seek for active method on complex community design on urban environment.

Architectural education pursuing building, urban, and environmental architecture

We focus on pursuing various knowledge in building, urban, environmental architecture realizing the value of humans in future community and revitalization of regions.

Architectural education approaching sustainable artificial environment

We let students understand the elements of sustainability in the field of architectural culture and environment based on knowledge to grow better quality of life and sustainability of artificial environment, to fulfill the educational goal, producing sustainable artificial environment.

Architectural education grafting art and technology

We focus on practical architectural education based on the awareness that architecture can be completed through aesthetic appreciation with engineering technology.