Alumni Association

Alumni Association Introduction

We became large body facing the 50th anniversary with more than 3900 alumni. With the support of those people, we keep developing this alumni association.

Alumni Association



This is the circle for the Architecture engineering, named A.F.E ((Architecture For Engineering) in 2002.
We discuss and analyze structure, construction, equipment of architecture. By doing so, we would develop ourselves and open our future in CAU.
You want to like me with no reasons…You would think me whenever… You would remember me long time later…
And there is the AFE.

ArMe-Architecture Memento Mori

ARchitecture MEmentomori Architect, remember the death!
There is an old saying: Tigers leave only their skins when they die, but through his achievement a man’s mane lives on. On the other hand, through architect’s building an architect’s name lives on. This is impossible only with strong building or beautiful one. At the point where architecture design and architecture engineering meet each other, there is the ArME.


There has been a strong relation between senior and junior since 1990. We expand our knowledge through field trips, exhibitions and create a open field for communication between senior and junior to help their school life.


We are a group of people who have strong passion for the architecture. We discuss architectural skills, idea, models and way to express their selves. And by doing so, we participate contest either.


The thing is that we are closed to each other. This group was made up 1988 with student majoring architectural design or architectural engineering. If you want to begin your campus life with this group.

S.P.Z-Space, Point & Zone

S.P.Z is the oldest circle in Department of architect in CAU. It was the only student association for architectural design named “Choeng-Mol-Hoi” in 1970’s and then changed it’s name “S.P.Z” in 1983. The best thing we have is Human network due to its’ long history. For now, a number of people from S.P.Z are doing their work in their own jobs in many different countries such as U.S.A, United Kingdom and France. And also, many elites, getting various scholarships, are enrolled in this group.


‘TEO’ is Korean meaning place or filed especially for the meaning of place that people make relation with. We do our best in architecture like our ancestors did when they make their field. We are inviting you to this humanistic group.


Arches is the open association for the people who love baseball. It began 9 undergraduates with professor Lee in 2004 and now in 2011, we have 23 people. This circle has not only undergraduates but also graduates and professors unlike other groups. Welcome! Who love baseball and want to have strong relationship with us.

Shoot Boy

‘Shoot Boy’ is the group of people who love soccer to make memories and make strong relationship between junior and senior by playing soccer and making trip. ‘Shoot Girls’ are the female member of this group doing manager and supporters.

  • Won at Soccer tournament of baby architecture in 2009
  • Won at CAU engineering college CUP