Building Science & Engineering Curriculum

Course of Building Science & Engineering

Grade 1st Semester 2st Semester
Freshmen Calculus(1)
Understanding of Architecture
Architectural Drafting
Introduction to Architectural Engineering
Basic Architectural Design
Sophomore Structural Mechanics(1)
Environmental Technology in Architecture(1)
Computer Application in Engineering
Building Construction(1)
Structural Mechanics(2)
Experiments in Architectural Engineering
Engineering Economics
Building Services and Control(1)
Junior Building Construction(2)
Numerical Analysis
Building Services and Control(2)
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure(1)
Advanced Computer Applications on Engineering
Design of Steel Structure(1)
Statically Indeterminate Structural Analysis
Building Construction Cost Estimating
Building Construction Planning and Scheduling
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure(2)
Design of Steel Structure(2)
Environmental Technology in Architecture(2)
Senior Seminars on Building Practices
Field Internship
Applied Engineering Statistics
System Design in Architectural Engineering(1)
Research on Architecture
Foundation Engineering
Structure Planning
Architectural Law
Planning of Architectural Acoustics
System Design in Architectural Engineering(2)
Complicated Structure Design

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