Architecture Curriculum

Course of Architecture

Grade 1st Semester 2st Semester
Freshmen Understanding of Architecture
Architectural Drafting
Understanding of Architectural Structure
Architecture and Environment
Architectural Representation Techniques
Basic Architectural Design
Sophomore Intro to Structural Mechanics
Architectural Design(1)
History of Western architecture
Space Planning and Programming
Modern Architecture
Materials and Construction
Architectural Design(2)
Architectural Behavior and Psychology
Digital Architecture(1)
Junior Planning of Ecological and Sustainable Architecture
Architectural Design(3)
Architectural Form and Representation
Understanding of City
Digital Architecture(2)
History of Korean Architecture
Contemporary Architecture
Planning of Architectural Structure
Architectural Design(4)
Theory of Urban Space
Senior Construction Management
Architectural Design(5)
Theory of Korean Architecture
Urban Planning and Form
Zero-emission Architecture
Site Planning
Planning of Architectural Structure System
Environmental Control System
Theory of Architectural Design
Architectural Design(6)
5th year Architectural Design(7)
Theory of Architectural Space
Housing and Behavior
Architectural Law and Policy
Architecture and Culture
Theory of Interior Architectural Design
Urban Planning
Architectural Design(8)
Integrated System Planning for Green Building
Field Internship

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