Architectural Design Introduction

About Chung-ang School of Architectural Design

The goal is, firstly, to teach students about architectural culture and style that has been continuing for a quarter of a century. Secondly, it is to teach students not only the theory of modern architecture and architectural skills to keep on changing in a various ways, but also the practical techniques. This will make the students able to become a man of ability that modern society need, especially in architectural way. Also, nationally, these students will be able to contribute to advance the culture of architecture.

Chung-ang School of architecture is trying the hardest to educate students on classical architecture, modern architecture, and architectural skills not only in a theoretical way, but also in a practical way so that it can accomplish the whole-rounded education and technical education. It is currently fulfilling a detailed education, professors with great ability on the field, reinforcing research activities, and enough equipment that is for the research and experiment. These efforts are to make the foundation of the looking-forward education that satisfies the global trend. It will help students be able to have the attitude of creating their own architectural cultures and serving community services.

Educational Objectives

School of architecture has the goal of having a professional education on the theoretical architecture and design, city planning, planning of Apartment Housing, and architectural environment planning. Also, it has the goal of making the students be able to suit the dynamically changing world and the need of the society through individualized, specialized, and globalized education. It will lead the students to have not only the proper knowledge and refinement, but also the responsibility and morality as a professional architect.

School of architecture has lots of professors who have a great ability in research and in educating. In addition, we have an excellent laboratory and a high-tech multimedia facilities that are for educating the students to become more creative in a more effective and practical way. The curriculum and teaching method is consistently improved to follow the global change. Especially, connecting the curriculum to lots of researches, BK21 as an example, help students build the senses of applying and combining creativities and practicality in rational ways.

All the members of the school of architecture are trying the hardest to strengthen the competitiveness of the school and differentiate from other educational institutions. This effort will lead Chung-ang University to rank within 100 out of all the architectural institutions worldwide.

Particular Majors

  • Architectural Theory and Design
  • City planning and Planning of Apartment Housing
  • Planning of architectural environment